Nintendo Switch changed how the company is looking at future consoles

There’s no stopping the Switch.

Nintendo Switch

Based on the success of the Nintendo Switch, the company has an interesting outlook for its future consoles.

During a recent Q & A with investors, Nintendo president Suntaro Furukawa noted that the company doesn’t have any current plans for a future console model and will continue to focus on the Nintendo Switch.

“We feel [the Nintendo Switch] is a different kind of console than the ones we have previously released,” he said. “We are also looking into the current market and feel there are many different ways to think about future console development.”

Between the Switch and its Switch Lite iteration, Nintendo has already sold 52.4 million units, surpassing lifetime sales of many of its other consoles—including the Super Nintendo.

The company also sees how vitally important the right games can be, just as it’s done in the past. Furukawa noted, “On the other hand, software is also very important. So in the short term, while the Nintendo Switch install base continues to expand, we must place a lot of focus on that.”

Nintendo Switch isn’t going to be replaced anytime soon, as Nintendo wishes to continue its success. “By placing our main focus on the Nintendo Switch, we feel we can have a very different [longer] hardware life cycle than previous Nintendo consoles.”

Even though Nintendo doesn’t have a new hardware model planned for its Nintendo Switch line (like the rumored Pro), 2020 should be a strong year when it comes to games. Animal Crossing: New Horizons launches next month (alongside its own special Switch system), and expansions for both Pokemon Sword and Shield and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are set to arrive sometime this year. Not to mention whatever the company has planned for its next Nintendo Direct, which should happen sometime this spring.