Nintendo Switch Sports online play testers aren’t allowed to share details, including on social media

Play all you want this weekend, but don’t take any snaps.

Image via Nintendo

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Nintendo Switch Sports play testers won’t be allowed to share details or their thoughts on the upcoming play test publicly including on social according to Nintendo’s sign-up page. “By downloading and participating in the Nintendo Switch Sports Online Play Test, you agree not to publicly share any details from this online play test, including on your social media channels,” Nintendo states on the play test sign-up page.

If you were thinking of capturing screenshots and video anyway, well, you can’t, as Nintendo will be blocking the Switch’s built-in capture software. Users who redeemed the play test have verified this. That’s not to say you can’t capture footage, as capture cards typically can’t be blocked by the system. At that point, you are jumping through a lot of hoops to do something Nintendo is prohibiting play test users from doing.

While redeeming the play test through the MyNintendo store, there doesn’t seem to be any agreement about not sharing information on Switch Sports Online Play Test. Meanwhile, the description of the play test still states that “participants are forbidden from sharing information about the Online Play Test publicly, including the sharing of screenshots or video footage from the game on social media.”

Nintendo Switch Sports is the sequel to Wii Sports and was announced at last week’s Nintendo Direct. Alongside the announcement were the game’s official release date and information about the online play test, which is scheduled for this weekend and will let players try out tennis, bowling, and chambara.