No Man’s Sky Expedition 10: Singularity Begins Today

Hello Games has announced that No Man’s Sky Expedition 10: Singualrity will start today, bringing a new season of content to the game.


Image via Hello Games

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has announced the launch of the next major community activity for the game, Expedition 10: Singularity. The Expedition is part two of a four-part story arc that’s heavy on narrative and gives players a plethora of new content to explore.

In No Man’s Sky Expedition 10: Singularity, players will explore a new story focused on the corruption added to the universe with the Interceptor Update. They’ll move across worlds seeing new sights, fighting major battles, and even build a construct to help them explore.

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Players Can Jump Into No Man’s Sky Expedition 10: Singularity Now

Following the recent launch of No Man’s Sky Mac Version, Hello Games’ founder Sean Murray has been posting more emojis on Twitter, which is what he does when a new update for No Man’s Sky is on the way. Expedition 10: Singularity isn’t a big new update that adds loads of content to the universe. Instead, it’s a community adventure with goals for players to complete to unlock lore and cosmetic rewards.

As explained in the patch notes for Expedition 10: Singularity, players will begin this story in a Harmonic Camp, an abandoned location on a Corrupted Planet. This is where players will pick up the story that the Interceptor Update started, exploring why a corruption has entered the universe and what it’s doing to Sentinels

The Expedition promises to explore subjects such as “artificial intelligence, the will to exist, and the very nature of what it means to be alive.” Players will also get to build their own construct, a robotic device that reminds us of the machinations fans have been building in Tears of the Kingdom. Fans that complete every goal in the Expedition can unlock a construct cosmetic pack for their Traveller, new posters, the Discordant Jetpack Trail, Livign Base Decorations, and more.

This update brings several stability fixes to No Man’s Sky across all platforms. It also marks what will potentially be the largest Expedition in the game’s history. With Mac users now added to the roster of Travellers that can explore the universe, there could be more players than ever before exploring the procedural universe in search of answers.