No more seasonal resetting, Overwatch 2 ranked changes and matchmaking fixes are incoming

The first step on what could be a long road.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

After months of confused expressions and growing frustration, Blizzard is looking to make the Overwatch 2 Competitive Play experience better from an understandability viewpoint and setting out to have these matches feel fairer. Starting in Season 3, the games played before you see your rank update has been slightly pulled back. Now you will see where you currently stand after five wins or 15 losses, lowered from seven wins or 20 losses.

While this is not a massive change for the game, the matchmaking will hopefully be straightened up a little. As we have previously said, ranked matchmaking is a mess right now. In the future, every role will have similarly ranked people. You should not see more examples of Tanks being grossly outranked by each other. Additionally, parties with a large range of MMR should see more matches against parties with a similar range. If you and your group are closer, you shouldn’t see opponents like this as often.

Of course, this won’t make all the problems disappear, so more features and updates to the matchmaker will be introduced further down the road. One of the more notable upcoming changes is the removal of rank resets and skill decay in Season 4. As it is now, everyone’s SR drops a bit whenever a new season starts, but your MMR stays the same. This is to give yourself the illusion that you are climbing, but it has just given people a lot of headaches, so after this happens, how you end the season will be how you start the next one.

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Skill decay being taken away means players in lower tiers shouldn’t see higher-skilled players placed in their matches after taking a long break from the game. In turn, this may lead to more difficult matches for them when they come back.

Wishfully thinking, the upcoming features and fixes should start to help Overwatch 2 feel more rewarding and fun to play. Season 2 was pretty rough, but hopefully, things can get turned around in time.