Overwatch 2’s latest developer blog promises big changes from Game Director in Season 3

Hopefully these changes make the game feel better soon.

Image via Blizzard

If you are an Overwatch 2 player, you likely have noticed many community topics that have become rather heated lately. Many fans have been put off by various aspects of the game, like balance changes coming in too slowly, Ranked matches feeling completely unbalanced too often, and the game overall not feeling rewarding enough. Luckily, we are finally getting some communication from the team with the game’s first developer blog, penned by game director Aaron Keller.

Keller starts off the blog post by recognizing the community’s ill temper towards Competitive play at the moment. While Keller did not go into specifics of what changes are coming, he did promise alterations to help make this feel better and play better at the start of Season 3 and also in Season 4. We have found matchmaking to be a complete disaster lately, so hopefully, changes to that system will be in the near future. We may see changes to how your rank is displayed and how it functions as well. Announcements for what exactly these changes are should arrive soon.

After the recent and much-needed Roadhog nerfs, Keller promises more frequent balance changes will be made when needed through hotfixes. There has been talk about a bug keeping them from doing these more often, but alongside the new season and midseason patches, more changes can be made to heroes who need adjustments going forward.

Next, another promise was made to help players feel like they have more choice in their rewards. As it is now, every event may have one skin and a bunch of lower-tier rewards for players. We imagine this to mean that more ways to earn Overwatch Coins to spend in the store are on the way, because as it is now, you pretty much have to pay for everything. Only one change towards this will be announced next week, but Keller said this is just the first step and more moves are on the way.

One of the more scrutinized aspects of Overwatch 2 is the retention of at least 30% of your Ultimate charge when swapping heroes. This has made the game feel like Rock, Paper, Scissors because you can quickly swap to a different character and get their Ultimate without much waiting. To help ease up this issue, the amount you retain will be lowered to 25%, and this could also mean a change is in the works where it will take longer for certain heroes to gain their Ultimate soon.

While he didn’t go too deep into what changes are on the way for Overwatch 2, it is nice to see the Overwatch 2 team actually communicating with the community. We have heard plenty of times in the past that they want to be better at this stuff, but they largely have come up short. Hopefully, this is the first step toward them holding true to that promise.