Official gameplay for Tekken 8 revealed, will star Jin and Kazuya

Fated retribution has arrived.

Image via Bandai Namco

Tekken 8 received an official announcement during Sony’s September State of Play event. A release date for the game was not shared during the State of Play, but the title will be coming to the PlayStation 5. The gameplay footage featured series stars Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima fighting in rocky terrain near the sea. Both men use their respective devil powers to one-up each other. Tekken 8 is a direct continuation of Tekken 7, the latter of which ended with Kazuya finally killing his father, Heihachi. Now Jin aims to end Kazuya’s reign and plans to finish him off and get rid of the devil gene once and for all.

The footage used for the State of Play announcement trailer was captured on the PS5 and rendered in real-time. Tekken 8 is classified as a title in development, with the content shown in the trailer subject to change. Tekken 8 was first teased during the EVO 2022 finals when a brief glimpse of Kazuya was shown smiling in a trailer, which references Kazuya’s iconic CG smile from the first Tekken.

The Tekken franchise was one of the first PlayStation’s flagship titles, with the original Tekken being one of the earliest titles to release on the first PlayStation in 1995. The franchise’s story focuses on the supernatural drama between the family members of the Mishima family. After being dropped off a cliff by his father when he was a boy, Kazuya desired to slay Heihachi and take over his company. Eventually, Kazuya will sire his own son, Jin, who is more benevolent than his father or grandfather.

Jin becomes the de-facto hero of the franchise and has recently starred as the main protagonist in the anime series Bloodline on Netflix. The franchise features many unique and strange characters, including a literal panda bear and a kickboxing kangaroo. Kazuya and Jin share a Devil gene that transforms them into demonic creatures.