How to romance Genji in Loverwatch

All that healing may finally pay off.

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While Genji is a man of mystery, that doesn’t stop many Overwatch 2 fans from dreaming about one day being the object of his affection. He might hide his feelings away, but you can now live out your wildest dreams and tear down the walls that this broken man has put up. Overwatch 2’s Valentine’s Day event brings the Loverwatch romance simulator that we didn’t know we needed. Here is how to successfully romance Genji in Loverwatch.

Correct Genji Laff Attic date answers in Loverwatch

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Obviously, the first mandatory step is to choose Genji as the option for your date at the Laff Attic. The conversation will flow and the following responses must be made:

  • Answer love-struck when he asks for your feelings.
  • Answer I think so! when Cupid Hanzo asks if you are in love.
  • Answer Yes, I want to win the heart of Genji! in response to Cupid Hanzo.
  • Answer Yeesh. You’re being really judgemental for a vessel of love, or whatever when he makes his comments about romancing Genji.
  • Answer …I really like your outfit when Genji sits down.
  • Answer I love that game! when he mentions your name reminding him of a game.
  • Answer Okay, here I go! while onstage.
  • Tell either a ninja or cyborg joke.
  • Answer making you laugh was the goal after he compliments the joke.
  • Accept another date.

Correct Genji Café Azur date answers in Loverwatch

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The next date takes place at Café Azur. Successfully navigating this date to romance Genji involves the following responses:

  • Answer If I owned a hoodie that cool, I’d wear it every chance I got when viewing Genji.
  • Answer I had lots of time for gaming when Genji asks about your journey.
  • Order Genji’s favorite food when given food choices, which ends up being ramen.
  • Answer I’m so sorry, Genji when Genji gets troubled.
  • Hold his hand after he calms down.
  • Answer Anywhere that’s special to you is special to me when accepting the next date.
  • Question What’s in Nepal? when he invites you to Nepal.

Correct Genji Nepal date answers in Loverwatch

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This is it – the home stretch. Respond with the following questions to win Genji’s heart:

  • Answer It was worth it here to be with you when Genji asks about the hike.
  • Greet Zenyatta as you see fit, though a fist bump is never a bad choice.
  • Answer I’m not sure, but you can try when Genji asks if anyone can truly know their true self.
  • Accept Genji’s love when the hearts fly out and you will successfully romance the cyborg ninja.

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Don’t forget to accept your rewards after calming down and cooling off. Also, you can try your luck with Mercy if you are feeling extra adventurous.