Overwatch 2 players are obsessed with fishing in the new Antarctic Peninsula map

Like shooting fish in a… frozen lake.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The newest craze for players in Overwatch 2 has them shooting into an ice fishing hole and filling the game with fish. In the section called Icebreaker of the new map, Antarctic Peninsula, one of the spawn rooms has a deep hole with a fishing rod sitting above it. If you stand above the hole and shoot projectiles down into it, fish will fly out and land on the ground before disappearing after a few seconds.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

This pointless side activity that has nothing to do with the main objective has led some people to create custom game lobbies completely dedicated to seeing how many fish they can get to spawn and potentially slow down the game.

This is not the first time that small environment interactives have captured the attention of the Overwatch community. In many other Control maps, the spawn rooms have basketballs and a hoop that you can melee the balls through if you aimed just right. When you score, a buzzer-beater siren goes off. On Busan, you can do a dancing emote on a Dance Dance Revolution-like arcade cabinet and score points. In addition to that, it has become a tradition to destroy as much furniture in every spawn room as you can before the match starts.

From the many early tests we have seen of what heroes can produce the most fish, we have determined that D.Va can do the most from a primary fire standpoint, but for the fastest single hero accumulation of fish, you will need Roadhog to use his Ultimate, Hog Wild. To speed them up even more, you can have a Kiriko use her Ultimate, Kitsune Rush. To no one’s surprise, the character with the worst fish-per-second potential is Ana.

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We love when Blizzard includes little stupid things to do like this, and it is even better when the community gets behind it. The more fun aspects of Overwatch 2, the better.