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What is the current meta in Overwatch 2? Best team composition

It won't stay this way for long.

With the way that Overwatch 2 receives regular updates, the meta will continually shift. One hero can begin a season as the definitive top pick in a certain role, only for another to get a small update in a hotfix or patch that lets them take over. Even things as simple as giving people enough time to learn how to use that hero can propel them into the meta spotlight. When heroes are at their best, you want to build around them with other characters who can succeed and successfully coexist with them. Here are the best meta team compositions you can have in Overwatch 2 right now.

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The best meta team composition in Overwatch 2

As of Season 3, the current best picks for a standard team in Overwatch 2 are Orisa/Zarya, Sojourn, Junkrat, Mercy, and Kiriko.


With Roadhog getting his one-shot potential heavily nerfed, he is no longer one of the best choices for Tank in Overwatch 2. Even with Orisa getting her Fortify health toned down, she is still a very strong pick. Her Javelin Throw is a useful range stun and she is still good at surviving engagements with enemies, especially if she has a Support helping her. Outside of Orisa, Zarya is probably the next best choice, being the best current pick to counter Orisa.


In the Damage slot, Sojourn and just about any hit-scan are the strongest picks. All hit-scans are incredibly strong right now, even with Widowmaker taking a health nerf. Soldier: 76 can fit in just about any team comp and Cassidy is lethal in the right hands.

Sojourn has gotten a few nerfs since launch, but she is still a very strong pick with her easy-to-charge railgun, even if it doesn’t one-shot everyone now. Package a Mercy with her and essentially any hit-scan and you have wrecking crew.

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For Supports, Lucio and Kiriko are easily the best picks at the moment with Mercy’s movement finally getting toned down a little. Now that she is a little easier to pick off, Lucio will be chosen a lot more to give teammates more mobility.

Kiriko, like Sojourn, has received a few nerfs, but her ability to escape fights through walls by teleporting to teammates and Suzu Protection are still great. Kitsune Rush also remains one of the best Ultimates in the game and likely will be for the foreseeable future.

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