Overwatch 2 players feel that Ashe’s new skin is pay-to-lose, dev team is looking at it

She can’t blame this on B.O.B.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Overwatch 2 players are calling the latest special skin for Ashe a “pay-to-lose” microtransaction after seeing that when you aim down the sights of her gun with it equipped, more of the screen is covered than normal. Called the Raijin skin, the obstructing sight has led to a lot of frustration, considering that the skin is only available for those who spend 1,900 Overwatch Coins to purchase it, about $20 in real-world money. Executive producer Jared Neuss has replied to a tweet saying they personally were talking to the team about it.

While there was no indication of an incoming fix, we imagine that Blizzard will try to push something across sooner or later to address people’s problems. This isn’t the first time Ashe’s sights have had to be adjusted, her Warlock skin also used to have an aim-down that was distracting and tough to work around, but that was when you could get that skin for free. With this being an expensive purchase, we would hope a response would be made quickly.

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With the amount of skins that the game is pushing every month, we expect more problems like this to arise sooner or later. There are so many characters and moving parts in the game to account for, the important thing is it is fixed quickly. Sojourn had a bug that let her disappear when wearing the Cyber Detective skin. This time, the issue doesn’t give you an advantage, so it’s highly unlikely to be removed from the game.

Among this and ongoing matchmaking issues, Overwatch 2 has enough problems to contend with right now. If you like the skin, maybe avoid using it in Competitive matches if it affects you that much and keep an eye out for a future fix.