Overwatch 2 pushes out various Hero hotfixes, but leaves one a hot mess

Not everyone is getting the Christmas gift they wanted from Blizzard.

Image via Blizzard

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Overwatch 2’s latest hotfix has brought some balance changes to multiple heroes that players have been clamoring to get changed, but there is one elephant — or hog — in the room who has still not been touched. Since the beginning of Season 2, there have been some noticeable quirks regarding performance in Overwatch 2 matches that needed to be addressed. With this new round of Hero changes, Doomfist and Sojourn have received nerfs, while Ana and Ramattra have gotten some needed buffs.

Looking at the changes in the official patch notes, Doomfist was definitely in need of some nerfs after being buffed a little too hard at the beginning of Season 2, and Sojourn will continue to see steady nerfs until she stops terrorizing high-level play. Ana’s extra healing potential will make her a little more viable for people who can hit shots with her, and while Orisa was already strong, her Ultimate just became much easier to get good use out of. Ramattra has been a bit of a disappointment for some people in the early going, but now Nemesis Form is much scarier to deal with than it was previously. Finally, the changes for Tracer and Kiriko are definite nerfs, but they shouldn’t be felt too hard in your matches.

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The most notable absence here is Roadhog. This Tank can easily take over any match you see him in. He has wild damage potential for easy one-hit combos and a lot of survivability that’s made exponentially better with Kiriko able to protect him from status effects. In a recent tweet from game director Aaron Keller, he was mentioned as expected to receive changes with this hotfix, but obviously, something went wrong along the way. While we still do not know what changes they are looking at for him, this may signal some significant alterations that were too big to put in a small hotfix coming for him in the next full balance patch, whenever that is.