Overwatch 2 will be making up for its bumpy launch with free cosmetics and Double XP weekends

A way to say sorry and thanks for your patience.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you pay any attention to video games, you likely have heard about the early troubles Overwatch 2 has run into at launch. Constant log-in issues, heroes being locked away for returning players, Bastion’s Ultimate having an exploit to carpet bomb the enemy team, and more have plagued the early days of Overwatch 2 being available to the public. Luckily, Blizzard is still working at fixing the game, but now they are getting set to try and make it up to players who have endured the rough first days with a couple of free cosmetics and double battle pass XP weekends.

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Included in the Overwatch 2 team’s initiative to say sorry to the community, it was announced that all players who log in to the game between October 25 and the end of Season One will receive a Legendary skin for Reaper called Cursed Captain and the Health Pack weapon charm. You will receive these items automatically when you play the game during these times for free.

Additionally, Overwatch 2 will run multiple double XP weekends, but we do not know exactly the dates for these yet. Playing during these times will allow you to progress through your battle pass much quicker. Combine this with the 20% boost you get for owning the premium pass and you should be moving through the tiers quickly as you complete games and challenges.

The last couple of days in Overwatch 2 still have shown various issues and bugs, but the game does run much more reliably than at launch. The team will stay working to fix any problems still present including merging account issues and queues when trying to get into the game. These are small ways for Blizzard to apologize for the early days troubles, but it is nice to get a Legendary skin that likely was supposed to be apart of the upcoming Halloween event for free instead of the likely 2,000 Coin price tag the others have.