Paper Mario: The Origami King releases 10-minute gameplay, details from the first review

Focus on combat and exploration.

Paper Mario: The Origami King

Image via Nintendo

10-minute gameplay from Paper Mario: The Origami King has just been released, sharing a first look at how the incoming Nintendo Switch exclusive works. The video shows several combats that see Mario busy in alining all of his enemies before he can beat them up.

It’s a brand new approach to the turn-based mechanic that aims to truly make the game stand up on its own. There’s also some side activity, with the protagonist searching around the location to grab some coins.

The graphics style is gorgeous, as the game is very colorful and carries a peculiar art direction that makes it truly feels like characters are moving pieces of paper.

Additionally, we have more details from the first review available, coming from Famitsu. According to a translation by Nintendo Everything, “the ‘360-degree battles’ definitely have a puzzle feel, but they’re fun and have a brisk pace.” 

“In addition to the boss battles being more of a challenge, the visual aspects of these battles have also had a lot of work put into them,” the review adds.

As for side content, “there are also tons of things to do aside from the story, like finding Toads and patching up parts of the overworld.”

For this iteration, Nintendo has ditched the chapter-based structure in favor of open worlds, which is a consequence of that choice.

“The game is fairly straightforward,” Famitsu mentions, but “the way paper is used to establish the world and solve puzzles is just brilliant.”

Paper Mario: The Origami King was awarded a 36/40, making it the best-rated game in the series on Famitsu.

The Nintendo Switch exclusive is releasing on July 17.