Persona 3 Reload Will Remove Original Game’s Most Annoying Feature

Persona 3 Reload is ditching the most annoying feature from the original game to make strategizing a bit easier.

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Persona 3 Reload isn’t just a remake that will improve the graphics, as it has been confirmed that it will remove the most annoying aspect of the original game. This is because Persona 3 penalized the player for level grinding by inflicting the Tired or the Sick condition, making them considerably weaker in battle.

In Persona 3, the characters had conditions tied to their health. If a character goes through too many battles in a row, or if they study without sleeping too many times, they could be hit with the Tired condition, causing them to take more damage and be knocked down more easily. Ignoring the Tired condition could also lead to the Sick condition, weakening them even further. Recovering from these conditions is possible, but it involves spending your limited time resources to do so. These conditions could lead to party members taking time off to heal, making them unavailable for missions.

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Persona 3 Reload Will Remove The Fatigue System

Persona 3's male protagonist at school
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Persona 3 is being remade as Persona 3 Reload, which will overhaul the graphics, add a brand new vocal track, and introduce QoL features that align with the later entries in the series. In an interview with 4Gamer (as spotted by Silinconera), members of the development team for Persona 3 Reload have confirmed that the negative physical conditions have been cut from the remake.

The reason for removing the Tired and Sick conditions is that they don’t fit with the structured nature of the game. The Persona games give the player a calendar where they can plan out their actions over days and weeks, to ensure that they’re strong enough to tackle the dungeons. The fact that your characters could be randomly struck down interfered with the player’s ability to plan ahead.

The physical condition system was originally implemented because the developers believed players would tackle the dungeon over the course of several days. Most Persona fans will agree that they prefer to try and nail the dungeon in one attempt, so they’ll have more free time to dedicate to the Social Links and side missions outside of the main quest. The Tired and Sick conditions made it a lot harder to finish dungeons quickly or level grind, which is why they were so unpopular.

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The decision to ditch the Tired and Sick conditions is great, as it addresses one of the biggest complaints fans had about the original game. This isn’t to say that fans are wholly appreciative of the game, considering Persona 3 Reload won’t be using a lot of the content from the enhanced ports of the original, but at least there are some positive changes to the experience.