What are the Persona 3 protagonists’ canon names? Answered

The two protagonists of Persona 3 have canon names for players to use or ignore.

The male and female protagonists of Persona 3

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While you can choose to give the Persona 3 protagonist a name of your invention, the game does have canon names for both characters. These names for the Persona 3 leads have also appeared in spin-off media in the past, in instances where the characters needed something specific for other people to call them. Now that the game is available on modern hardware, you might be wondering what their canon names are so you keep your save file up-to-date with the lore.

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What is the Persona 3 male protagonist’s canon name?

Persona 3's male protagonist at school
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The canon name of the male protagonist in Persona 3 is Makoto Yuki. This is the name used for the character in the Persona dancing games, as well as in the animated Persona 3 movie series. The original version of Persona 3 only had the male protagonist, so his route is considered to be the canon one as far as the timeline of the series is concerned. Because of that Makoto Yuki is generally considered to be the face of Persona 3, and there is often the character chosen for cameo appearances in different Persona games, such as in Persona 5 Royal’s DLC boss battles.

What is the Persona 3 female protagonist’s canon name?

Persona 3's female protagonist in the tower
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The canon name of the female protagonist in Persona 3 is Kotone Shiomi. This name has previously been used for the character in the Japan-exclusive Persona 3 stage plays. As far as the game goes, her route was introduced in Persona 3 Portable, which acts as the basis for the new version of the game on modern platforms. Kotone Shiomi’s story route isn’t considered to be canon and it was only introduced as a way to make Persona 3 Portable more interesting to people who had already finished the original game. The two characters did meet in the non-canon Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth as part of a multiverse crossover event, involving the SEES members from Persona 3, the Investigation Team from Persona 4, and the Phantom Thieves of Heart from Persona 5.

Makoto Yuki and Kotone Shiomi have similar stories in Persona 3, with most of the differences involving their interactions with the other party members. The biggest change involves the romance options available to both characters, as Makoto Yuki can only date female party members and Kotone Shiomi can only date male party members. The two routes are similar enough that new players shouldn’t worry too much about choosing between them. Just pick the character that seems the most interesting and give them whatever name fits best.