Platinum Games launches “4” teaser website

Mysterious website opening today.

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Platinum Games has just launched a mysterious teaser website starring a “4” at the center of the home page. As you open the website, a “4” pops up on the screen and rotates for a few seconds before stopping in the middle of the screen.

The launch was accompanied by a tweet from the Japanese developer, which didn’t add any particular information but put an accent on “#Platinum4.”

The number “4” seems to be strictly linked to the games developed in the past by Platinum Games. With the fourth of them being Vanquish, considering that a remaster of that title is releasing this month, it could be a teaser for a follow up that might currently be in development.

While this is just speculation, it’s also worth noting that tomorrow is February 4, so we can’t rule out the opportunity that the teaser might be pointing at that date for an announcement from the label.

Last week, we’ve reported rumors of a Wonderful 101 Kickstarter campaign that would bring the game on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. 

The title was initially released on Wii U, but Platinum Games itself own the intellectual property, and that would mean the label could be free to work on a multi-platform port should it want so.

The studio is also working on its first independent triple-A game, which was made possible by the most recent commercial success, including Astral Chain with 1 million copies sold, and Tencent’s investment in the company

Other games in development at the studio feature Bayonetta 3 for Nintendo Switch and Babylon’s Fall for PlayStation 4, but considering this is a brand new website, it doesn’t seem that the incoming reveal could be linked to those productions.