Players Sailed Almost 200 Times Around the World in Skull & Bones Beta

During the recent closed beta for Skull and Bones, players managed to sail nearly 200 times the Earth’s circumference.

players sailing around the world skull and bones featured image

Image via Ubisoft

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Skull and Bones’ recent closed beta may well have been its most successful, with players praising the changes made since the previous one and how streamlined the gameplay feels now. Players enjoyed it so much that they sailed so much that they went around the Earth multiple times.

In Skull and Bones, players gain their own pirate ship that they can use to help or hinder others in the seafaring MMO world. NPCs make great targets for looting, and there are plenty of legitimate cargo shipping jobs to tackle too. While the game seemed to be in development hell for the past decade, players really enjoyed their time with last weekend’s closed beta. They loved it so much that they racked up a ridiculous number of kilometers sailed, among other incredible stats.

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Skull and Bones Players Sailed and Fought Millions of Kilometers and Battles During Last Weekend’s Closed Beta

The latest Skull and Bones closed beta took place between December 15 and 18, 2023. We were invited to jump in and had a great time with the game, seeing noticeable improvements from an earlier beta and a much smoother experience that we could see ourselves spending hundreds of hours in. Clearly, we weren’t the only ones who liked it because Ubisoft has today revealed some amazing stats from the closed beta.

The statistic that stands out most to us is how every player contributed to the whopping 7,191,528 kilometers sailed. According to our calculations and Wikipedia’s measurement of Earth’s circumference, that’s just under 180 times around the Earth players sailed in only three days.

We didn’t manage to win any PvP battles and are pleased we didn’t contribute to Maxmagnet’s colossal pile of ship corpses. However, we definitely bit off more than we could chew a few times and added our ships to the more than 3 million sunk during the closed beta.

There are some statistics that scare us in this image, too. Just under 5,000 players were demolished by sea monsters, which seems to be a rarity, but we’re glad we didn’t experience all the same. Though it does sound better than dealing with repeated crashes in Skull and Bones.

The most terrifying number has to be the 81 ships that were swallowed by rogue waves. These waves are a phenomenon that is thought to be responsible for many of the unsolved mysteries that revolve around the sea, and we’re not looking forward to the prospect of facing them when the full game is released next year.

Ubisoft creator ChloeSaurus shared her harrowing tale of a rogue wave in the replies to Ubisoft’s post. It doesn’t make us feel any better and shows that there are dangers lurking in every corner of Skull and Bones’ world. When the very sea players sail can kill them, nowhere is safe.