PlayStation 5 has now outsold Nintendo 64 in the U.K.

The console war rages on.

Image via PlayStation

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PlayStation and Xbox are always going head to head with their sales numbers. The Series X has hit 12 million units according to one analyst, but another reported that PlayStation 5 outsold the Series X/S by 10-to-1 in India. Meanwhile, Nintendo sits pretty with over 100 million Switches sold. The Nintendo 64 has reentered the conversion too, thanks to new information from the United Kingdom. head Christopher Dring reports that the PS5 has now outsold the N64 in the UK — it’s also “closing in on the [Game Boy Advance].” Xbox Series X/S previously topped the GameCube too. Essentially, the newest consoles from Sony and Microsoft are both crushing it right now, and that’s with their low stock. Dring believes “we’d be seeing some serious record-breaking” if there weren’t a hardware shortage. Despite the scarcity, game consoles sales are still doing stellar.

This all makes sense, especially based on sales reports from Sony itself. With over 10 million sold as of June 2021, it was already the fastest-selling PlayStation on a global scale. By September, it was the fastest-selling PlayStation console in the UK specifically.

Sony is hoping to rope in even more gamers by combining PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now into a single, three-tiered service. Just don’t expect to see first-party games coming to the service on day one, according to PlayStation boss Jim Ryan.