Pokémon Go adds location cards to commemorate catching unique Pokémon during specific events

Share the story of how you caught these unique Pokémon.

Image via Niantic

Ahead of the upcoming Pokémon Go Tour: Hoenn event, developer Niantic has announced a new feature making a debut at the event in Las Vegas. While players are at the in-person event, they can take on specific Pokémon and earn a new item called location cards. These location cards will feature specific backgrounds, elaborating on where players caught these Pokémon during special events.

The Niantic team shared the announcement in a short, official blog post. This will only apply to Pokémon Go players attending the in-person Las Vegas event. The team did not share if this will o apply to all players during the Global Tour: Hoenn event, which happens from February 25 to 26.

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The blog post detailing the addition of location cards will only apply to certain raids. Not every Pokémon appearing in the event will have a location card attached to them. We imagine this will have to do with some of the rarer Pokémon set to appear, such as the Primal versions of Groudon and Kyogre. We’ll likely learn these details when the event arrives on February 18.

An example of these location cards was not provided, but there would be a summary page going over the area players caught this specific Pokémon. The location card would also rotate with the Pokémon summary page background in a player’s collection. We imagine these location cards will be reserved for specific events that are set to appear in the game and are likely exclusive to ticketed events.

Location cards are making their debut at the Pokémon Go Tour: Hoenn event and are expected to roll out in future events. Although the Pokémon Go Tour: Hoenn event for Las Vegas has sold out, the global event will be available to everyone starting on February 25 and will be a ticketed event.