Pokémon Go At Long Last Releases the Master Ball

The Master Ball has finally made its way to Pokémon Go, and players can obtain it in an upcoming event for a limited time.

Image via Niantic

The most coveted and highly sought-after Poké Ball by all players is the fabled Master Ball, and it’s finally making its way to the Pokémon Go mobile game. All players will be able to have the chance to earn this item through a limited-time Special Research, which will be available to everyone for a limited time.

It’s an item that has long been missed in the mobile game, and players can grab it during Season 10: Rising of Heroes. This item will return in future events, and players can look forward to using it in multiple opportunities outside of wild Pokémon encounters.

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Pokémon Go Players Already Plan Out How To Use Their Master Ball

The announcement was made on Pokémon Go’s Twitter account and from a blog post on their website. The Master Ball will be available as a reward for all players who participate in the Rising of Heroes Special Research project. It’s expected to arrive on May 21, 2023, and will be available until the end of the Season on June 1, 2023.

Comments swarmed Pokémon Go’s Twitter post as players carefully planned how to use it. Because the Master Ball can be used on wild Pokémon, in Raid Battles, or from the Daily Adventure Incense, many are expecting to use it on any of the Galarian legendary Pokémon that they’ve encountered, namely the Galarian forms of Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno.

These elusive legendary birds have been escaping players since they first arrived, and they’re tough to encounter. Because of their low odds and how difficult it is to catch them, there’s no surprise why these Pokémon are on every player’s radar to use their first Master Ball.

We expect to hear additional news soon regarding the arrival of the Master Ball and how it works. From Niantic’s breakdown of the item, it sounds like a traditional Poké Ball, except it will always catch any Pokémon a player uses it on.

Niantic did confirm there will be additional opportunities for players to earn more Master Balls, but it will happen in limited events.