Pokémon Go dataminers uncover devastating Breaking Swipe stats, creating buzz in the community

Now that’s a way to spice up the PvP scene.

Where to find Rayquaza in Pokemon Go

Image via Niantic

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Ahead of the official release of Pokémon Go’s next Dragon-type move, Breaking Swipe, the stats have been shared by dataminers. The upcoming move would be exclusive to Rayquaza when it appears in five-star raids during the Primal Rumblings event, but it should come out to other Dragon-types in the next few months. The community has had a chance to review these stats, and there’s an excited buzz going everywhere about this devastating Dragon-type move.

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The dedicated datamining team at Pokeminers were the ones who discovered it, and shared it in a recent Tweet. Niantic announced that Breaking Swipe would make its way to the mobile game several days ago during the Primal Rumblings event, where Rayquaza would return to five-star raids.

As it stands, if Niantic doesn’t make any changes to this move, Breaking Swipe will do 50 damage to an opponent and only cost 35 energy in PvP. For a charged attack, that’s a big deal because of how low this move will cost in a battle, especially for Rayquaza. Right now, Rayquaza only has one Dragon-type charged attack, Outrage, which does 110 damage and 60 damage. Breaking Swipe would add a good amount of variety to this Pokémon in future battles, although it does less overall DPS. Breaking Swipe also has a 100% chance to lower an opponent’s attack, making it a powerful debuff.

Many fans leading up to these stats were interested to see how Breaking Swipe would work, already knowing it would deal 50 damage. It all came down to the energy costs, and it looks like Niantic will not disappoint with this move. The Pokeminers group also showed off the Boomburst stats for the upcoming Noibat Community Day this weekend, but as expected, they look less than ideal.

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Pokémon Go fans are also excited about having this move go to other Dragon-type Pokémon. The other Dragon-type moves comparable to this is Dragon Claw, but it doesn’t have a similar debuff, making Breaking Swipe a far more superior choice.

Rayquaza will arrive at five-star raids during the Primal Rumblings event, set to happen from February 22 to 24, ahead of the global Pokémon Go Tour: Hoenn event.