Pokémon Go might debut a Master Ball after fans have spent years waiting

Players have yet to get their hands on this one before.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go has had a handful of unique Poké Balls make fleeting appearances throughout the years, especially for special events. One legendary Poké Ball that has been waiting for its time to shine is the Master Ball, a Poké Ball that is guaranteed to catch a Pokémon when a trainer uses it. The latest datamine hints that this Poké Ball could be on the way to the mobile game, giving players the chance players to use it at long last.

The Pokeminers, a dedicated datamining group for Pokémon Go, discovered the findings of a Master Ball making its way to Pokémon Go. These were uncovered in the latest datamining efforts while going through the 0.261.3 APK. This follows their recent discovery that Regieleki and Regidrago’s 3D assets were added to the mobile game.

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In the latest APK, the Master Ball was given a tutorial, which means when the Master Ball does appear, players will need to go through a brief rundown of how the Poké Ball works and how to throw it in the game. Unfortunately, the discovery did not offer a vivid breakdown of what this tutorial will look like, but it’s likely on the way. We’d like to think we’re going to see it relatively soon, and it could appear sometime in the next season.

Pokémon Go fans have a few theories about this. Some are convinced that it might appear when a Pokémon is guaranteed to be caught, which occurs every so often, such as when events feature exclusive Pokémon as rewards for Special Research quests or specific events. Other fans believe it will be a unique reward, giving players the freedom to use it how they see fit. Of the two, the former function seems far more likely than the latter.

Right now, we’re left guessing how the Master Ball will be introduced to Pokémon Go, but it is on the way. The real mystery will be how players earn this incredible Poké Ball. Hopefully, we can receive more than just one of them for our Pokémon Go account, and they become an incredibly high-quality reward.