Pokemon Go Pro Fleece King Demands Change After “Poor Attempt” At New Content

Pokemon Go player FleeceKing rallies fans as he speaks out against changes made in recent years – demanding change.

FleeceKing Pokemon Go Speaks Out Against Niantic

Image via The Pokemon Company/Niantic

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Pokemon Go hasn’t been the same since 2021, with limitations on remote raid passes, lackluster events, and repetitive Raid spotlights. While fans have been vocal about the decline of the app game, Pro players are now demanding immediate change, including community rockstar FleeceKing.

FleeceKing, known as a Twitch Streamer and the first Pokemon Go player to hit Level 50, has documented his gameplay on Pokemon Go for years, sharing brilliant triumphs and brutal defeats with viewers on his journey to be the very best. Now, he is calling for Niantic to take action as events become increasingly less interesting to take part in.

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FleeceKing Calls Niantic Out, Calling Pokemon Go “Underwhelming”

In a post shared on Twitter, FleeceKing states, “Pokémon Go needs to change. All the new features aren’t fun or exciting, and the rewards are underwhelming. It just seems like a poor attempt to make people forget about the remote raid changes. It’s not working, people haven’t forgotten.” This is followed by a ten-minute video covering his frustrations with the game and how the developer is letting the players down.

The post has amassed over 400,000 views, with hundreds of comments supporting the frustration aired by FleeceKing. Serebii’s own Joe Merrick states, “The heavy increase in paid tickets, especially for timed research which will disappear even if you paid if you haven’t finished is probably the most egregious thing they’ve done this year to counteract their revenue loss”, while Poké Daxi adds, “Personally it’s sucks they are putting time & resources into these the most. If most of the new features were good and provided good rewards I’d be happy. But cause they don’t , it feels like a loss of potential on other features that could get improvements”.

FleeceKing’s points about the struggles of Pokemon Go players, as well as those battling physical or mental disabilities, touched many in the comments as well. For many, the loss of accessibility via Remote Raid passes rendered the game completely unplayable and the community has vocalized the overwhelming impact for nearly two years.

Despite Niantic’s vision being focused on bringing the community together via Pokemon Go gameplay, it seems the players have instead been united under desperation to see a game that altered so many lives restored to a playable and enjoyable experience. However, at this time, it seems new content will continue to push players away, instead of welcoming them with new, exciting, accessible opportunities for everyone.