Pokemon Go Timeless Travels Season Reveal Shows Off Hisuian Starter Evolution

The Timeless Travels Season in Pokemon Go will offer more Hisuian variants and packs in more legendaries for fans to collect.

pokemon go timeless travels hisuian typhlosion

Image via Niantic

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Developer Niantic has revealed the first details for Pokemon Go’s upcoming Timeless Travels Season. A short trailer boasts how the season will connect players with the past, putting Hisuian starter evolutions front and center.

Pokemon Go’s Timeless Travels Season is set to spark imaginations when it goes live for everyone next month. The first Pokemon Niantic has shone the spotlight on are the Hisuian starter evolutions, such as Typhlosion, but the trailer details so much more. From Shadow Ho-Oh and a Team Rocket event to a special Pikachu and something new for Dialga and Paklia, this season will pack in a tonne of fun for the holiday season.

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Fans Can’t Wait to Play Pokemon Go’s Timeless Travels Season

The Timeless Travels Season for Pokemon Go was announced today by Niantic via the official Pokemon Go Twitter account. The season is set to start on December 1, 2023, and run until March 1, 2024, including a period of coverage for Pokemon Go Tour 2024. While few details have been shared at the time of writing, it’s easy to work out what’s coming by watching the trailer and taking note of everything on show.

Each time we watch the video, we spot something new. So far, it’s clear new Hisuian starter evolutions will be added alongside a host of adorable and iconic Pokemon such as Togetic and Spheal. The trailer also seems to hint that more Hisuian variants will be on offer once the Timeless Travels Season gets underway. Finally, there’s also a tease for a Team Rocket event in this season of Pokemon Go, which should include a chance to catch Shadow Ho-Oh.

Players are extremely excited for the Timeless Travels Season, many because of the new version of Pikachu that collectors can add to their roster. “HOW DO WE GET THE PIKACHU.” Others are just excited for a new season, “Hisuan pokemon! Yes please.” But the overall feel of the community is a positive one.

With this season heading into the realms of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, there’s one question on everyone’s minds. “ARCEUS PLEASE.” The trailer doesn’t even hint that Arceus will be in the latest Pokemon Go season, but given the region and time it’s opening up for Pokemon Go players, it’s clearly expected.