Pokémon Unite Nintendo Switch release date revealed, and it’s coming next week

The mobile version is slated for September.


Image via Pokémon Unite’s YouTube

The release date for Pokémon Unite on Nintendo Switch has been confirmed, and the mobile version of the game is slated for a September release, though there’s no specific date as of yet. The announcement comes in a brand new trailer for the game, featuring some never seen before details.

Pokémon Unite launches on Nintendo Switch on July 21. In just seven days, Switch users will be able to pick up the free-to-play title and start battling with some of their favorite Pokémon in the first-ever MOBA spin-off in the franchise.

The game’s official website has also been updated with some additional information. Any players who download the game and play on Nintendo Switch by August 31, will get a free Zeraora Unite license. This allows them to use Zeraora in their teams.

Zeraora is a mythical electric-type Pokémon that uses a move in Pokémon Unite to cast a powerful electric blast and create a plasma zone around the zone it hits. This is useful for blocking enemy players from following you and dealing damage over time.

The game will feature full crossplay across mobile and Nintendo Switch, and if you log in using your Nintendo or Trainer Club account, you’ll be able to use your save data on any device without losing progress.