Prominent Genshin Impact leaker Ubatcha releases statement after HoYoverse sues Discord

A powerful leaker has been taken down.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse and publisher Cognoshpere recently targeted one of the game’s most influential leakers, Ubatcha. Cognosphere sued Discord to uncover the identity of Ubatcha, active in the popular Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Discord server. However, Ubatcha’s identity seems safe for now, according to the details revealed in a Twitter thread.

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Ubatcha informed on Twitter that he has not “been directly contacted by HoYoverse,” and expressed confusion as to why he was targeted despite the large leaking community, presuming this was due to his high follower count. He further added that they only received one notice, which was a warning in Discord sent in August to “not share any content.” Supposedly, the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor server did not receive any notices. Later in the Twitter thread, Ubatcha confirmed removing all content they posted to comply with Discord and in an act of safety.

Ubatcha ended the thread by stating that his role in the leaking community is finished. There won’t be Genshin Impact leaks from Ubatcha anymore. However, other sources are still live with leaks, especially with Version 3.4 beta, including the new character Alhaitham and other content.

It’s still unknown if developer HoYoverse is planning further action against Ubatcha. While Ubatcha was a monolith in the leaking community, taking him down likely won’t impact the flow of leaks coming to the game — long-term and impactful measures are required to counter them. In many cases, such as Ubatcha, leakers are just the messenger — and as the saying goes, “don’t shoot the messenger,” especially when something else is afoot.