PS5 event is streaming at 1080p and 30fps

Sony reveals details of the June 11 broadcast.

PlayStation 5

PS5 reveal event has been rescheduled after the most recent delay, which saw it moved from the original June 4 date to June 11.

The content of the live streaming has not gone through changes, and it is still set to showcase the very first PlayStation 5 next-gen games.

It was disclosed that the event would reveal games running on the proper hardware and focusing on gameplay experiences, which has not changed.

There will be some limitations because of COVID-19 restrictions that still have many teams working from home. Despite pushing on 4K resolution and high frame rates, the PS5 event will only be streaming at a maximum of 1080p and 30fps.

“This pre-taped program will be broadcast at 1080p and 30 frames per second,” said Sony’s Sid Shuman in a PlayStation Blog post.

“This eased the show’s production process during a time when many of our team and developers are working from home,” he added.

While there’s no confirmation on that side, it seems unlikely that, differently from The Last of Us Part II’s State of Play, the show will be available shortly after at 4K.

That could be an issue for Sony as the platform owner will surely be struggling to properly showcase what the next-gen PlayStation can do, and limit it to 1080p and 30fps is anything but next-gen.

PlayStation knows that “the games you’ll see on Thursday will look even better when you play them on PS5 with a 4K TV, as you’d expect,” in fact.

Curiously, Sony also suggests to “watch while wearing headphones, if you can — there’s some cool audio work in the show.”

That could spark more rumors on top of the already existing, like maybe some horror games currently in development for PlayStation 5 that could be showcased.

While these are just rumors, the platform holder has set very high expectations, asking the team to work on this event as they were preparing an E3 media briefing.