PS5 game reveal to run “on the real hardware”

It should happen as early as June 3.

PlayStation 5

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Sony is reportedly taking its time with the reveal of PS5 to avoid Microsoft’s mistakes with the first, and controversial, next-gen games showcase held in May.

According to a new report from GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb, a familiar source, the Japanese platform owner has fixed a series of guidelines for titles to be included in its first next-generation showcase.

The showcase, the first of a series that should also cover a State of Play during August, is said to be happening on June 3.

Grubb discloses players should “expect it to focus on what is possible in next-gen games with the PlayStation 5,” meaning that they wouldn’t have to watch simple teasers nor gameplay based on the pure theoretical specs of the console.

“The company seems aware of the backlash that Microsoft faced for its first Xbox 20/20 event,” the report further adds.

Microsoft’s event was deemed unsatisfying in regards to the promise of next-gen gameplay, and the platform holder even had to apologize, together with Ubisoft, with how it handled the hype in the wait for the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in-game debut footage.

“Fans were unhappy with the lack of gameplay at that presentation,” the journalist mentions, and “in response, Sony wants to rely on PS5 games that are actually running on [the] real hardware.”

This is seemingly one of the reasons why the presentation is happening so late, together with other hurdles such as the COVID-19 pandemic, as developers and publishers might not have been ready to accommodate such requests.

While we don’t know which games could be included in the showcase, there’s a chance a Silent Hill for PS5 reveal might happen on that occasion.

That would be part of a “compelling lineup” as Sony defined it during a recent meeting with investors and analysts.

The presentation should also cover details on backwards compatibility if a leak from the official PlayStation 5 page is to be believed.