Silent Hill soft reboot getting PS5 announcement in June, insider claims

New details from insider Dusk Golem.

Insider Aesthetic Gamer, also known as Dusk Golem, has shared that a Silent Hill announcement could be on its way for June.

The game is reportedly a PS5 exclusive being developed through a partnership between Sony’s Japan Studio and Konami and would be involving staffers from the original franchise.

The insider mentioned on Twitter that “we may see an announcement for a new Silent Hill game next month, if everything is true. I believe it, I really do, the evidence I’ve been shown is very solid.”

According to his information, he might also know something that no one else in the industry does about the game, and that would “make the announcement more exciting.”

The rumors about the franchise have been around for months now, while we can’t verify all the information, we do know Konami is considering how to move the IP forward.

Aesthetic Gamer claims that the development of this project started at the beginning of 2019, so that would still require some time before completion. This is something he knows first hand, together with Konami “shopping around” for pitches in 2018. This piece of information brought to rumors that there would be two Silent Hill games in the works, which would not be the case anymore.

The following information is instead coming from a different source the insider says he believes and shares some interesting details about the staff that would be involved in the project.

Keichiro Toyama, known for the original Silent Hill, Siren: Blood Curse and Gravity Rush, is said to be directing the game. Akira Yamaoka, who was recently announced to be composing for Bloober’s The Medium, is reportedly making music for it, and Masahiro Ito, who worked on the first four titles in the series, would be the art director.

The game is said to be a soft reboot and not a simple remake. It would be currently playable and even have a demo ready right after the announcement that would be “shown around” to clarify what is going on with the franchise after such a long silence.

Finally, the rumor of Kojima Productions reviving Silent Hills would have been debunked, and this would be the sole Silent Hill title currently in the making.

The claims that the soft reboot could be unveiled next month would be in line with PS5 getting a proper reveal, filled with next-gen games, in June.