PS5 reveal event reportedly including “a lot” of next-gen games

It should happen in June.

PS5 Reportedly Launching with Next-Gen Exclusive Games

The PS5 reveal event rumored for early-mid June is set to feature “a lot” of next-gen games and not a simple showcase of the hardware.

That’s according to Jeff Grubb, VentureBeat reporter who has shared that PlayStation is working on a June 4 event to disclose the first details on its next gaming platform.

Grubb is reporting that the event “should” feature “an entire slate of games. A lot,” which means Sony could be not only giving a look at the PS5 launch lineup but also some details about what’s coming deeper into the next-generation of first-party productions.

The plans for such reveal events have reportedly been in flux for a while. It was initially thought it would happen around February or March, as with the PS4 seven years ago, then it was believed that the COVID-19 pandemic would have forced Sony to move it to May. Now it is said to be happening next month.

Microsoft has held a separate showcase to detail the third-party output for the first year of Xbox Series X and then will host another in July to provide its fans with a look at Xbox Game Studios releases.

PlayStation 5 is still slated for Holiday 2020, although COVID-19 could have cause disruptions in the development and production of the console.

Sony has not fully begun its marketing campaign and is being rather silent lately about next-gen, but it is confident that sales will justify this cautious approach.