PS VR2 features include see-through view and broadcast recording

Never worry about walking into your sofa again.

Image via Sony

The PlayStation VR2 is still a ways away from launching. In fact, Sony still hasn’t provided an official launch date. While today’s PlayStation Blog post about the headset doesn’t answer that question, it does share a few of the new features fans can eagerly look forward to.

The first is a see-through view that essentially lets you see your surroundings without needing to take the headset off. By pressing a button on the headset or using the Card in the Control Center, you can swap back and forth between your real-world surroundings and whatever PS VR2 content you’re accessing.

The second is a broadcast feature, meaning you can record your gameplay sessions and share them with others. You will need a PlayStation 5 HD Camera and attach it to the console to make use of this since it will also record your movements and reactions to the game. Sony adds that the broadcast feature is only for gameplay recordings; you can’t use it in conjunction with the see-through view.

Thirdly is a customizable play area. What this does is let you use the controllers and embedded cameras to scan your room and set up boundaries. That way, if you ever find yourself getting too close to those boundaries, you’ll receive a warning, so you don’t bump into a wall or chair or something.

Lastly, the headset will offer separate VR and cinematic modes. The former displays games in a 360 view in a virtual environment and in 4000 x 2040 HDR video format (2000 x 2040 per eye) with 90Hz/120Hz frame rate. Cinematic mode, meanwhile, displays content on a virtual cinema screen in 1920×1080 HDR video format with 24/60Hz and also 120Hz frame rate. However, from the sound of it, you can’t use this mode for VR-specific games.

It all sounds very exciting, now if only Sony had an actual release date. For now, all the company says is that it will “share more information soon, including launch date and additional games coming to the platform.”