Don’t camp in Monongah Mine – Public event A Colossal Problem coming in Public Test Server for Update 20 in Fallout 76

Monongah Mine will become a hotspot, but not in a good way.

Fallout 76

Update 20 for Fallout 76 will arrive sometime in June. Players are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new update. It introduces the concept of a seasonal battle pass, additional story missions, more content, and updates on how challenges work to encourage players to level and return to the game daily. 

Right now, developers are testing some of the new features for the update on the public test server, and this includes the addition of a new public event, A Colossal Problem. The public event discourages players from camping anywhere near Monongah Mine.

The announcement of the public event was shared on the Fallout 76 forums by the Community Manager Valseek.

A Colossal Problem is a public event where players have to work together to summon a Wendigo Colossus, a three-headed Wendigo that summons additional Wendigos. It’s an eight-person event, and to start it, they need to initiate a nuclear strike in the Monongah Mine region.

A nuclear strike in the region will kick off the public event, but it will also damage any players residing in the area. Once the public event A Colossal Problem arrives to Fallout 76, players can expect to see plenty of nuclear launches heading to this region.

If you have your C.A.M.P set up there, it’s a good time to start packing up your supplies and finding a new location. Currently, the public event is only available on Fallout 76‘s test servers. But it does mean Update 20 is on the way, and players can expect to see it sometime before the end of June.

Along with A Colossal Problem, Legendary Perks will be available on the public test server. These are another exciting addition to Fallout 76, and players will be able to hunt after them in Update 20.