Rainbow Six Extraction release date confirmed alongside new Operators deep dive video

The video explores each Operator skills, gadgets, and React Tech.


Screenshot via Ubisoft

Ubisoft today confirmed that Rainbow Six Extraction, which was delayed earlier this year, now has a new release date. This date was thought to have been leaked last month, and now it seems like those reports were correct, with the game landing towards the end of January next year.

Rainbow Six Extraction will launch on January 20, 2022. This was confirmed to Gamepur in a PR email today. The game will feature full crossplay and cross-progression between all platforms from day one, as previously promised. This includes Ubisoft+ and Amazon Luna.

Starting today, fans will be able to preorder Rainbow Six Extraction in a range of editions. Each edition comes with a Buddy Pass, which allows owners to give their friends free access to play with them for 14 days. If you upgrade to the game during those 14 days, all progression will pass over to the full version.

All Rainbow Six Siege players who purchase and play Rainbow Six Extraction will unlock the United Front bundle at launch. This includes exclusive gear for Operators in both games and grants access to all 18 Operators from Rainbow Six Extraction within Rainbow Six Siege.

In addition to confirming the game’s new release date, Ubisoft has published a new video exploring the Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction, their gadgets, and the React Tech players will be using against the alien infection.