Region coded copies of Far Cry 6 cause problems for UK customers

Some users aren’t able to upgrade from PS4 to PS5

Image via Ubisoft

While most people that purchased Far Cry 6 have done so without a hassle, some UK customers have reported issues getting into Yara. Twitter user sjpearson85 posted a video on Twitter showcasing his PlayStation 4 copy of Far Cry 6 which was pre-ordered from a UK store, though he didn’t specify which retailer.

The PS5 recognizes the PS4 disc, but provides no option to upgrade to the PS5 version. However, when sjpearson switched to a Russian PSN account, the game page showed the PS5 upgrade as an available option.

He isn’t the only person experiencing this. Multiple users have posted on the Ubisoft Player Support page, reporting the same issue. While UK customers appear to be the most common, one user in the Ubisoft support thread claimed they’re from Germany while another said they’re in Slovenia, indicating the issue could be far more wide-reaching than people think.

Ubisoft Support representatives have responded within the thread with the standard response for an upgrade path, telling them to click on the disc symbol to the left of the game page. The issue is that these users don’t have the option to click on the symbol. One user in the thread also reported that their redeemed pre-order bonuses don’t appear in-game, suggesting they’re also locked to a Russian PlayStation account.