Releasing in patch 1.0.3, New World server transfer feature is rolling out in waves

Server transfers are right around the corner.

Image via Amazon

Server transfers have finally arrived in New World with patch 1.0.3. Players in Amazon Games’ MMO have waited patiently for this feature to arrive since the game launched. However, most of the more popular servers were full of people attempting to get into the game for the first week, with thousands of players waiting in queues. Amazon Games opened brand new servers to accommodate the massive influx of interested players.

Now, players will have the option to transfer their character from their current server to one of their choices, but the feature won’t be immediately available to everyone. Instead, it’s being introduced in waves, starting in the AP Southwest’s Utopia world.

In a blog post breaking down patch 1.0.3, the development team focused on how Character Server Transfers will work. Patch 1.0.3 will be released at 10 PM on October 19, and when the servers are back on from the downtime, the development team will monitor how their framework is fairing in New World’s code. They will update the community if there are problems, but if everything goes smoothly in Utopia, the server transfer feature will release the rest of the AP Southwest region.

The blog post did not say when the server transfers were going to release to other servers following the success of AP Southwest. So it all comes down to the success in the AP Southwest region. But it will likely be happening sometime this week, if not, the start of next week at the latest.

The server transfer feature has been a big feature the Amazon Games team has tackled since New World’s first week of release, alongside a handful of bug and balance fixes. The transparency by the New World development team has been welcomed by the community. As a reward for everyone’s patience, all players in New World will receive the title “The Stoic” and the “Waiting” emote.

With the server transfer saga drawing close, we’re keen to see what the development team focuses on next. Our bets are on the upcoming Void Gauntlet, Blunderbuss, and Dagger weapons.