Reported plot details of canceled Apex Legends spin-off sound great, will break the hearts of Titanfall fans

The title would have seen the two franchises’ characters aid one another.

Apex Legends Rampart

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Earlier this week, it was reported that publisher Electronic Arts put an end to an unannounced single-player project known as Titanfall Legends. The canceled title was said to be developed by Respawn Entertainment and focused around the universe established between its two biggest first-person shooter titles: Titanfall and Apex Legends. Although details and rumors had been scarce during its development, one insider has claimed it included existing characters from both series as well as wall-running and fast-paced gameplay.

In a conversation on Giant Bomb’s Game Mess Morning stream on Friday, Jeff Grubb disclosed various features supposedly within the canceled Titanfall Legends. Grubb noted that the game was allegedly intended to have a heavy emphasis on the world of Apex Legends, featuring faces from its roster who would lend players new powers. This apparently includes Rampart, who Grubb states would have brought fallen Titanfall 2 mech BT back to life at the start of its campaign. The project reportedly would have put players in the shoes of Titanfall 2 antagonist Kuben Blisk, with its story revolving around him fighting alongside BT.

More striking, Grubb even claimed that the game strived to be in the same vein as Doom Eternal, with “push forward combat” that always saw players being aggressive. According to the journalist, this thinking was a result of Respawn watching Titanfall 2 players opting to not use their unique, aerial abilities, rather choosing to stay on the ground. However, the title supposedly still carried many mechanics from the Titanfall series, like wall-running and the use of Titans.

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If these details are true, Apex Legends would have finally been gifted the franchise’s first solo experience to date, but a true crossover between it and Titanfall may still be the cards. It was rumored in late December that a Titanfall-themed map may be in the works for the battle royale along with wall-running features. In the meantime, Apex fans can still look forward to its upcoming Season 16, which dataminers have pointed to it having a party-centric Battle Pass.