Apex Legends Season 16 may be all the rave as leakers reveal its alleged party theme

The next season of the battle royale may be filled with neon cosmetics.

Apex Legends Season 11 Loba

Image via EA

Apex Legends Season 15 may be in the middle of hosting its Spellbound Collection Event, but that has not stopped dataminers from seeing what is behind the corner. Along with an apparent Lunar New Year event coming to light, additional leaked images have now suggested the battle royale’s next season will have a party theme, as its cosmetics seem to have colorful, music-inspired designs. More striking, a few fan-favorite Legends may be earning vibrant, new skins through its Battle Pass.

Prominent dataminer KralRindo, who had also recently leaked the contents for an upcoming Hardcore Royale mode, posted to Twitter to display what they believe are assets for the game’s Season 16 Battle Pass. Among these, images point to the pass carrying an assortment of neon weapon skins that display mixtapes, turntables, and even audio visualizers.

Shortly after the reveal, dataminer SomeoneWhoLeaks went on to back the claims by publishing alleged shots of some of the Battle Pass’s weapon skins as well as their matching Legend skins. For instance, one image hints that character Bloodhound may receive a teal and pink DJ outfit, while another displays Mirage in a neon suit that dazzles glowing audio visualizers on his torso.

via SomeoneWhoLeaks’ Twitter

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As developer Respawn Entertainment has not spoken on Season 16 or its contents quite yet, fans should not take the leaks too seriously for the time being. However, with Season 16 slated to debut on February 14, it does come in the same month as Apex’s fourth anniversary — making the theme incredibly fitting for the occasion.

Meanwhile, some may not be too enthused with the game to celebrate. Following the debut of the Spellbound Collection Event, fans have recently taken issue with the steep player requirement of the update’s new Private Matches feature. Additionally, eagle-eyed players have claimed that the patch has also quietly nerfed one of Horizon’s beloved abilities.