PlayStation Head claims that the Sony/Bungie deal has been in the works for five or six months

“We should absolutely expect more acquisitions,” says Jim Ryan.

Image via Bungie

On January 18, Microsoft changed the gaming landscape when it announced it was going to acquire Activision Blizzard. In less than two weeks, Sony announced its own historic acquisition with the purchase of Bungie. Given the timing, many assume Sony’s purchase of Bungie was a reaction towards the Microsoft and Activision deal.

However, that is not the case, according to the head of PlayStation Jim Ryan. spoke with Ryan and Sony CEO Pete Parsons about the acquisition, and they revealed that they’ve been working on the Bungie acquisition for the past five or six months. Ryan claims the deal was not a response to the Microsoft/Activision deal or the Take-Two and Zynga acquisition. 

The purpose of the Bungie acquisition was to help Sony’s plans to create more multiplatform and live-service games. Ryan hopes to learn from the people at Bungie to help “accelerate” Sony’s journey. Jim Ryan also promises that Bungie will continue operating “autonomously” within Sony and that the company can continue publishing its games on other platforms.

Interestingly, when asked about potential future acquisitions, Ryan replies that “[we] should absolutely expect more.” Bungie may only be the start of Sony’s long-term plans. If the company wants to move more towards multiplatform and live-service, Sony may need to add more studios under its brand to help reach its goal. Now the question is, what other companies does Sony potentially have line-up already?