Resident Evil 2 sold 5.8 million copies, Devil May Cry 5 is best selling game in the series

The Resident Evil remake sold 1.1 million copies in the latest quarter.

Battlefield 4

The latest Platinum titles’ list, including those that have sold more than 1 million copies, provides us with some updated sales data concerning Capcom games released over the last few years.

The most impressive commercial result for titles shipped in 2019 is coming from Resident Evil 2, whose remake has managed to sell 5.8 million copies.

The data is even more impressive if you consider that Resident Evil 7 has sold 7 million units since its release up to December 31, 2019.

The last quarter was particularly good for Resident Evil 2, perhaps in anticipation of the release of Resident Evil 3 in April; the game has indeed managed to sell 1.1 million copies in that window alone.

Other Capcom games have proved somewhat successful since their releases; Devil May Cry 5has obtained the status of best and fastest-selling title in the entire franchise with 3.1 million copies sold.

The previous entry Devil May Cry 4 needed almost ten years to reach the 3 million milestones.

Other interesting details involving Capcom’s intellectual properties are those about Street Fighter V, which has sold 4.1 million copies across all its different editions.

That has not been enough, by the way, to beat its biggest competitor Tekken 7, which has been confirmed to have sold more than 5 million units.