Resident Evil 3 details redesigned puzzles, hospital, perfect dodges, and Jill’s more believable outfit

More gameplay details from Capcom.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Almost Ready

New Resident Evil 3 details provide a more in-depth look into gameplay, and how Capcom has redesigned certain components to have them fresh for the remake. The latest Game Informer issue gives us particulars on puzzles, more significant areas compared with the original, and more.

The Japanese developer has disclosed information about the puzzles, which are a landmark in the history of the franchise. Resident Evil 3‘s are said to have been redesigned to fit the setting and be more realistic and believable in regards to the current high fidelity graphics. Also, areas have been a focus in the development process, with some of them, such as the hospital, now much larger.

The hospital is used as an example of how Capcom applied the Resident Evil design philosophy to the entire game now. Not only certain areas, but players will also get to go through locks and key puzzles to reach certain locations, and that will be particularly rewarding both for primary objectives than for secondary targets and easter eggs.

Combat has been another strong focus of the development, with several moves and animations added to those already available in the original game; a good example of that is Carlos now hitting the enemy with a haymaker that knocks them to the ground when perfect dodging.

Hunters have also been edited to be even more lethal: they’re said to require two magazines to kill, so it will take a good strategy to prevent them from killing Jill and Carlos anytime. Perhaps, players will often be suggested to avoid the fight.

Resident Evil 3 Art Director Yonghee Cho has also revealed that the team had to put a lot of thought into redesigning Jill Valentine as a character since the original design “was clearly going for sex appeal.”

Capcom instantly got an idea, “that was not the right direction. This is a very strong character, and it is a character that’s going through a lot of adversity, so we wanted to home in on that and make sure that there’s a certain level of believability in what she’s wearing, a certain level of practicality.”

Resident Evil 3 demo is coming tomorrow, March 19, so users will likely get a taste of all the new things added and changed in the core game soon. It is releasing on both PC and consoles and will be cut from an early stage of the title so that no one has to worry about spoilers.

In preparation for the launch of the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One action-adventure survival horror, Capcom has also shared a brand new trailer that encompasses the entire story of the franchise up to Resident Evil 3.