Resident Evil gets its own version of Heardle, the Wordle spinoff for music

Where have I heard this before?

Image via Capcom

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Wordle is extremely popular — there’s a reason there are so many alternatives and knockoffs out there. One of the more recent to rise to prominence is Heardle, which challenges listeners to name a song after hearing as little of the tune as possible. Now, that spinoff has gotten its own spinoff, and it should be literal music to Resident Evil fans’ ears.

Developer @AestheticGamer1 created the simply titled Resident Evil Heardle, which you can play in your browser. It resembles the regular Heardle page, but with more of a red-tinged Resident Evil typewriter vibe. @AestheticGamer1 is currently “500+ songs in,” according to Twitter — a number that “will be over 1000+ in a few days.” Resident Evil Heardle just launched, and it’ll switch songs every 24 hours, changing tunes at midnight PT. The game will keep track of your wins, losses, and number of guesses in your browser of choice.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a custom Heardle — Final Fantasy XIV also has one. As the name implies, all possible tunes are taken from the popular MMO. Considering it borrows from the whole Final Fantasy history, there’s no shortage of songs to guess.

Resident Evil fans can use Heardle to fill their time until Resident Evil Village’s free DLC arrives. We don’t know when that’s coming, but it was announced last October. Since then, Lady Dimitrescu has, predictably, won a fan poll and been named the game’s most datable character.