Resident Evil Village VR mod lets you experience just how tall Lady Dimitrescu really is

Oh, and play the rest of the game too, I guess.

Resident Evil Village
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Since its release last year, Resident Evil Village has swiftly secured a place in the hearts of survival horror fans across the globe. The tense, scary, and at times amusingly campy horror game continued the story of Resident Evil 7’s mutilation-prone Ethan Winters while introducing some new and much-loved characters such as the eminently meme-able Lady Dimitrescu.

After selling over 5 million copies in just a few months, it was impossible to deny that the game had a solid and active fanbase, and many of those fans soon took to creating mods for the game, ranging from mechanical fixes to texture and model overhauls. One such modder, Praydog, has been quietly working on VR support for Resident Evil Village, with the most recent version of their mod even offering refined motion controls as well.

Experiencing Resident Evil Village in VR is, as you might expect, a heady mix of blood-chilling terror and hilarious absurdity, as highlighted in a playthrough video with Eurogamer’s Ian Higton. In particular, the opening moments of the game, which see Ethan putting his baby daughter to bed and having dinner with his wife, are ripe for ridiculousness, as by default baby Rose is pretty much duct-taped to Ethan’s left hand, allowing for some amusing antics with what Higton refers to as his “stunt baby.”

Things do take a darker turn as the game starts in earnest, though, and the experience of seeing Mia gunned down and watching villagers turn into monsters is undeniably more intense in VR. Of course, once the infamous Lady Dimitrescu enters the picture in all her nine-and-a-half feet of glory, it can be easy to get sidetracked again. Praydog’s mod is currently only available on PC, but luckily Steam VR users shouldn’t have to fiddle around too much to get it working.