Resident Evil Village PS4 Pro playtest reveals enemies, boss fight, merchant

More details ahead of the incoming trailer.

New rumors about Resident Evil Village have popped up on the Internet after a recent play-test session with long-time fans of the franchise. The rumors are in line with previous information and add more details about how the game will look and play.

A trailer is expected to drop in August, so all these particulars could be part of that incoming showcase.

The first details have disclosed how enemies will work. The regular ones are said to be very pale and to have tattoos on their bodies. Some come in with armors, some don’t, but when they do, pieces of those armors can be shot away. According to the details shared on ResetEra, some have daggers, swords, axes, spears, so they won’t be your regular zombies.

They can grab and bite Ethan similarly to Resident Evil 3, and players will be required to button mash to reduce damage, but there will be instant kills with sword attacks.

The new demo was reportedly different from the previous one as this was set inside the castle, not in the village below it, and had most rooms bright.

Players were tasked with finding a key to open a big door downstairs, and once they did that, they had to meet a lady in black called Olga.

She can release a swarm of insects, but you won’t have to fight here until she notices you. When she does, Ethan will have to use fire to set her free from insects and exposed at his shoots. Her final form is a spider capable of throwing more insects at you, so the fire will definitely be the element of this boss fight.

Also, the inventory screen was different from that shown thus far and had the game paused similarly to Resident Evil 2/3.

There’s an old woman who will serve as a kind of merchant throughout the game since it has goods to sell and rumors to share. That could be one of the many side characters the title is reportedly including.

The playtest was overall 30-minute long and was played on PS4 Pro, even though a current-gen version of Resident Evil Village is not in the cards.

A PlayStation VR support is said to be planned, instead, but an announcement should come only when Sony is ready to do it.