Rockstar offers bonuses and rewards after record-breaking holiday sales in GTA Online and Red Dead Online

Everyone could use an extra two million and rare ammo.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Image via Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online saw record-breaking sales over the holidays. Rockstar is giving its players with “massive rewards and bonuses” to celebrate.

Rockstar is delighted with the current sales of its two significant games: Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2. Over the holidays, the two titles and their online counterparts saw “record-breaking” sales, according to Rockstar. To celebrate the increase in sales and players, Rockstar is offering “massive rewards and bonuses” GTA Online and Red Dead Online. 

GTA Online Rewards

Rockstar went on to add that after the release of the Diamond Casino & Resort DLC, the related DLC The Diamond Casino Heist broke the previous records and brought “players back in bigger numbers than ever” and made December 2019 the biggest month in regards to player numbers.

GTA Online players that log in between Jan 30 and Feb 5 will get one million in-game dollars. And if players log in and play between Feb 6 and 12, they will earn another million.

Red Dead Online Rewards:

Red Dead Online went out of beta just before the launch on Steam. Rockstar credits the addition of the Frontier Pursuits (the roles) for the push in player numbers that broke records in December and then in January. 

There are two significant rewards for Red Dead Online players. The first is a Gunslinger’s Cache. Playing between Jan 28 and Feb 3 will give players a free Schofield Revolver, free Varmint Rifle, and what Rockstar calls the Devastating Ammo Bundle. The bundle includes:

  • 100 Split Point Revolver Ammo
  • 100 High Velocity Pistol Ammo
  • 100 Express Repeater Ammo
  • 100 Slug Shotgun Ammo 
  • 20 Explosive Rifle Ammo

The other reward is the Bounty Hunter’s Kit. Playing between Feb 4 and Feb 10 will grant players a free Bounty Hunter license, 25 bolas, and 25 tracking arrows.

The rewards of both games are geared towards newer players, leaving the established and long time fans out in the cold. Two million dollars doesn’t mean much to long time players in GTA 5 while most Red Dead Online players already have the weapons and the Bounty Hunter role unlocked. Players that paid for the Bounty Hunter role or spent hours grinding to get the gold may feel worse about the rewards from Rockstar. Whether or not they have the role already, they will benefit from the ammo, bolas, and tracking arrows. Plus, there’s no harm in picking up a second revolver.