Sea of Thieves patch fixes issues with The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale

Your troubles finding the Black Pearl end here.

Sea of Thieves – The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale

Image via Xbox Game Studios

Developer Rare’s Sea of Thieves is an immersive and deep multiplayer title that throws players into the vast seas as a pirate. And for all its great gameplay mechanics, there are some hiccups that can hurt a player’s experience. For instance, the recent patch version fixes a rather large issue in The Sunken Pearl, the second of five Tall Tales of the A Pirate’s Life expansion, one that affected multiple crews playing through the experience on the same server.

The biggest problem found in the Tall Tale story mission is that several sections would not reset properly when another crew finished them, messing up those sections for crews that would come in after. But thanks to the patch, when a crew completes the Tall Tale story and leaves the Siren CItadel, others are able to normally progress as it now resets properly — at least according to Rare’s patch notes.

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Other improvements include the Battle of the Silver Blade section, as resource barrels will now restock after the encounter is reset, as well as the Chest of Everlasting Sorrow, which respawns at a faster rate, allowing for later crews to receive chests. There are also general fixes to animation, stability, and performance.

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