Sea of Thieves Season 7 Deep Dive highlights ship decoration and Captain perks

Oh captain, my captain.

Image via Rare/Xbox Game Studios

Season 7 is bringing big changes to Sea of Thieves. The new update adds Captaincy, the Sovereigns, Milestones, and more to the game, and while we did get a brief overview of those changes previously, we’ve now seen a much closer look.

Developer Rare’s Season 7 Deep Dive video does exactly what the name says: it shows us how those new additions will work in greater detail. Captaincy is the big thing here, as you’ll be able to become a captain, acquire your own ship, and name it. “[The name] can be inspirational,” says creative director Mike Chapman. “It can be funny. It can say something about who [you] are.” There are three ship sizes to choose from: sloop, brigantine, and galleon. You can have one of each, and once one hits legendary status, you can purchase a second of the same type. With enough time, you could have a full fleet at your disposal.

To reach legendary status, you’ll have to complete Milestones. These are uncapped, persistent in-game achievements that chronicle your adventures. They’re geared toward different playstyles, awarding you for completing quests, visiting new locations, and other activities. Your personal captain’s log can keep track of these travels too, but be prepared to protect it: captain’s logs can be stolen and sold to the Reaper’s Bones if you’re boarded and beaten.

The decor of your captain’s cabin can tell your story too. This is a custom space for your ship that’s meant to serve as your home base, with furniture and other decorations arranged to your liking. You can also display trinkets, which are physical trophies acquired by completing certain tasks. “Some carry more of a meaningful achievement,” explains senior concept artist Victoria Hall. “Some [reflect] personality types.” In a nice touch, these can get knocked about the room if your ship is jostled at sea.

Being a captain also gets you an audience with the Sovereigns, a new faction joining in Season 7. This is a prideful high-society group — think pale faces and powdered wigs. They’ll barely speak to you if you’re not a captain. You can complete quests for any of the Trading Companies using the Captain’s Voyage shop from an outpost’s Shipwright. This new shop, accessible from your ship, is a quick way to stock up on supplies before setting sail.

There’s an awful lot coming to Sea of Thieves with Season 7, and you won’t have to wait long to try it all out. The Season 7 start date is Sunday, August 14, just under two weeks away from the time of this writing. As usual, there will be Twitch drops with the new season, so make sure you know how to claim them.