Sea of Thieves updates A Hunter’s Cry Adventure to quell PvP griefing

Now there are fewer ships to sink.

Image via Rare

A Hunter’s Cry, the latest Sea of Thieves Adventure, sounds promising on paper: it sends players to the Sea of the Damned to save Merrick. In practice, the Adventure’s mission design opened the door for a whole lot of griefing, preventing players from being able to actually see the journey through. Thankfully, that’s being changed.

The issue arises from the fact that A Hunter’s Cry brings in other players. The Adventure is an instance, meaning it brings in multiple players at once — players who are supposed to then work together to complete the quest. Unfortunately, the result was a whole lot of trolling. Malicious players could interfere in all sorts of ways, from simply taking up space to outright attacking others.

This has led to “a number of changes” to the Adventure, all of which will be implemented on Wednesday, August 24 at 9 AM ET / 6 AM PT. As announced on Twitter, the instance will only allow “two crews at most,” which should drastically cut down the possibility of ship-to-ship griefing. The time limit for the Adventure will also be increased to one hour, up from the current 45-minute window.

These are good changes, but as some replies point out, they may not be enough to fix the whole problem. A few players have asked for PvP to be completely shut off during the Adventure. Even with a two-ship limit, there’s still room for unallied players to turn on each other. In general, the complaints hinge on not being able to play the Adventure solo. We’ll see if things change again in the future.

While we can’t change the player count, we can give you some tips on getting through other parts of the Adventure. Specifically, we can help you solve the lighthouse puzzle. We also have a complete list of all A Hunter’s Call deeds and the rewards you can get by completing them.