Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon will get DLC in 2022

Fill your pockets some more.

Image via Yacht Club

Yacht Club Games took Shovel Knight’s platforming and transformed it into a puzzle-roguelite with Pocket Dungeon. It features new and returning characters, but we haven’t seen every familiar face inside the puzzle cube just yet. That might change with some recently announced DLC.

Pocket Dungeon has only been out for a few days as of the time of this writing, but more content is coming in 2022. This was stated by Yacht Club marketing manager Celia Schilling on the Cheesesteaks & Controllers podcast. “We weren’t originally planning on doing [DLC],” Schilling said, “but we fell so in love with Pocket Dungeon that we’re like, OK, we have to work on this game more.”

There certainly is room for more: Pocket Dungeon features characters like King Knight and Shield Knight, but not everyone has made a return appearance. The original Shovel Knight featured roaming bosses like the Phantom Striker and Baz, who would make for fun fights in the new game if they were to be added. More items and stages are possible too — there are plenty of biomes that haven’t gotten the grid treatment in Pocket Dungeon.

Of course, any DLC could be a post-game addition too. If you’re playing Pocket Dungeon and want to know how to unlock the true ending, we’ve got you covered. It’s a pretty challenging game, after all.