Silent Hill: Ascension Trailer Heralds Series Return In 2023

Silent Hill: Ascension has a new trailer and release window. The unconventional gameplay will revive the series with new content.

Silent Hill Ascension Monster

Image Via Konami

Konami has released a new Silent Hill: Ascension trailer, confirming that the interactive series will release in 2023. This marks the first new entry in the Silent Hill series since 2012 (not counting the P.T. demo in 2014, which is no longer available to download), even though it’s not a video game in the conventional sense.

The Silent Hill franchise was dormant for a decade following the disappointing response to Silent Hill: Downpour, Silent Hill HD Collection, and Silent Hill: Book of Memories. When Hideo Kojima left Konami, the P.T. project was shut down, and that was the last anyone heard of Silent Hill for many years. It wasn’t until the Silent Hill Transmission event in 2022 that more entries in the series were announced, with a full remake of Silent Hill 2 by Bloober Team as the headliner.

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Silent Hill: Ascension Is Going Back To The Haunted Town In 2023

The next entry in the Silent Hill series is Silent Hill: Ascension, which was briefly featured in the Silent Hill Transmission event. A new trailer has appeared on the official Silent Hill YouTube channel, showing the series in action and confirming that it will debut in 2023, though a full release date has yet to be revealed.

Silent Hill: Ascension isn’t a video game in the conventional sense. Instead, it’s an interactive series produced by Behaviour Interactive of Dead by Daylight fame, Genvid Technologies, and Bad Robot Games. The idea is that fans can influence the story’s outcome, though it’s still unclear to what degree.

The new trailer for Silent Hill Ascension didn’t reveal any concrete details about the story, but it did offer a look at some of the new characters and monsters that will be appearing. One thing that has returned is the Otherworld, with the people of the town being sent to the mechanical hellscape, where nightmarish beasts are free to hunt anyone who enters their dark realm.

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The return of the Silent Hill series has been a long time coming, and it seems that Konami is finally ready to show love to its biggest franchises, with Metal Gear Solid 3 being remade for modern platforms. While Silent Hill: Ascension might not be a survival horror in the traditional sense of the word, it still offers the long-awaited return to the town from our restless dreams.