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SoS: A Wonderful Life Players Share Features That Make Life Not So Wonderful

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life players discuss what makes the game "less wonderful" to them while playing.

For fans of farming adventures, Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life has all the best features of a classic farming sim. From planting fruits and veggies to stampeding around town on a digital horse, exploring Forgotten Valley is charming, peaceful, and brilliantly nostalgic. However, despite the remake improving on many dated mechanics, a good bundle of new issues seems to be creating trouble in paradise for some farmers.

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Issues players have bumped into include a lack of autosave, issues with locking onto farm tiles when tilling, and NPCs blocking objects that need to be interacted with. Fans struggling to have the “Wonderful Life” they envisioned in the remake have taken to social media, vocalizing their frustrations.

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Players Discuss Their Thoughts On What Is Frustrating in SoS

A player on Reddit, WenegadeWabbit, made a post listing out some of the things that they struggled with in A Wonderful Life. Some of the issues listed include issues training the farm dog, navigating able spaces inside homes, a proper death scene for Nina, and the fact that rival relationships have no actual impact on the plot after year one.

Other users pointed out how it takes a while to shake trees to knock down fruit, and another expressed how they wished the game featured more female-framed clothing items. One user also mentioned how they hate trying to cross the bridge when another character is doing the same, as the player’s character can get caught and they have to wait to finish going across.

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While fans have struggled with a series of snags in their peaceful farming adventures, Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life seems to be scratching the farming it for many slice-of-life fans regardless. With so many different hybrid crops to obtain and animals to snuggle, hopefully players will continue to enjoy the cozy remake.

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